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Sports Facilities Management Office Busan Metropolitan City

Busan yachting range


Since the establishment in 1986, '1986 Asian Games ' and '1988 Olympic Games' was held in Busan Yachting Regatta Course. Spacious mooring to accomodate 1,360 boats and natural condition appropriate for yachting draw plenty of yachtsmen here to hold international or national yachting races. In addition to yachting races, international film festival, marine festival, national walking race and other cultural events are held yearly to catch eyes of people, with romantic atmosphere of sea, spacious square, monuments, landscape gardening and surrounding wonderful view. Recently, it shows an increasing number of foreign yachtsmen from Japan, German, Australia and other countries. As an international yachting center and a resting place for people, we intend to break down dual-steel fence around the racing area and replace it with various kinds of refreshing trees to form a pleasant environment inside a city.

busan yachting range busan yachting range

Establishment Year

  • 1984. 4


  • 84, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan


  • 230,803 ㎡ - Sea:92,242 ㎡ ,Land: 138,561 ㎡


  • 448boats (Land: 155boats , Sea: 293boats)

Competition Course

  • 4places (2miles: 3 places, 1.5miles: 1place)


  • 43buildings 13,134 ㎡
  • Main Building : Steel concrete 3 floors , 6,411㎡ (1940pyeong)
  • Attached Building : Measuring room, Power supply room, Pres center etc - 42 buildings 6,723 ㎡


  • Call to Busan Yachting Center (T. 741-6440)

Convenient Facilities

  • Parking free
  • Parking Lot: For 430 vehicles (Base rate: 1,000 won for a hour/ +500 won(additional rate per 30 minutes)
  • Free of charge on sunday & public holiday
    • Mooring: 1,364 boats(Land:1,000boats, Sea: 364boats)
    • Ornamental Arts: Olympic memorial tower, flame-holder, cinema park

Sightseeing Place & Cultural Facility

  • Sightseeing Attraction: Haeundae spa, Dalmajigil(Moonlit Road), cheongsapo, Haeundae beach, dongbaekseom(Camellia Isle), Songjeong beach, Gwangalli beach
  • Cultural Facility: Cinepark (Drive-in theater), municipal art hall, BEXCO (Busan Exhibition Convention Center)